As If I Had Never Sinned

In the fourteenth chapter of John’s Gospel, we read these words spoken by Jesus Christ, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  In this statement, Jesus was making it plain and clear that there was no way of entrance into the Father’s house except through Him.  Man says that there are many ways to God. The Bible tells us that there is only one way to God.  If we seek to enter heaven, then we must come on God’s terms, not on terms that we contrive in our deceitful hearts.

Ever since “The forbidden fruit”, man has sought his own way instead of God’s way.  They way of man is as diverse as the creatures of the seas and is ever evolving as man tries in vain to satisfy his inherent need for God in his life.  However, the Way of God has never changed and never will. God’s Way has always been the same and will remain so, forever. The Apostle Peter tells us that God’s plan “was foreordained before the foundation of the world.” (I Pet. 1:20)

You see, man is the one who stands in need of an entrance into Heaven. But, due to our sinful nature inherited from Adam, we are defiled and unable to enter into the presence of the thrice Holy God. Yet, God, in His loving kindness and mercy, created THE WAY that would enable sinful man to be purged of his sin and to be able to enter not only Heaven, but also into a personal relationship with Him while we are still alive on this earth.

But how can I, a wretched sinner gain God’s favor & be justified in His sight?


The word “justified” is a beautiful expression. It means to be declared righteous, or without sin.  A nice little play on words is this, “Just if I’d” never sinned ~ that’s what “justified” means!!

The wonderful thing about the verse pictured above is the truth that God is the one who justifies, He is the Justifier!!  It’s not up to me to justify myself before Almighty God. I don’t have to balance out the scales and make sure that my good outweighs my bad, I don’t have to measure myself against Mother Theresa or my spouse!!  All I have to do is repent of my sin and call on the Lord Jesus Christ, and when I do this God declares me to be justified.  In the eyes of God it is as if I’ve never sinned. My sins are all gone, gone, GONE!!  Hallelujah, praise the Lamb of God which was slain before the foundations of the world!!

Friend, have you been justified?  Have you personally come to the Risen & Living Saviour who took your place and suffered the punishment for you so that you might be saved?

If not, why not? If not, why not now? If not, don’t delay. Jesus is waiting to save you today!!


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