Effectual Fervent Praying

Writing to the “scattered brethren”, The Apostle James pens these words….”The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  Over the last several days, I have had the wonderful privilege of joining my brothers and sisters that are “scattered” all over the world in prayer for a dear friend of ours, who is currently in, most likely, the final stages of life as his body succumbs to cancer.

In my own life it has been a blessing in the last few days as the Holy Spirit brings Michael and his family to my mind and prompts me to spend some time praying for them.  I have been encouraged as I realize that when I do so, I am joining hands with an army of prayer warriors, praying for the same thing.

What an amazing thing it is to reflect on what James wrote and to realize that my prayers can be effectual, that they can have an impact on the life of another person.  With such a great potential and privilege, this power that we have through the Lord Jesus Christ, ought to encourage each of us to “labour fervently” for those whom the Lord brings to our minds.

This was not an intended post. Rather, it is merely my hearts response to a post that I saw on Facebook, which reminded me that truly there is a battalion of soldiers praying for our dear brother, Michael, and his family.



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