Multi-Purpose Training


A few weeks ago, Cate and I wanted to address a couple of issues that we were dealing with in two of our children.  After some discussion between her and I, we came up with a multi-purpose training project.  Here’s how it works…

Each kid starts the week out with 5 quarters in a cup (not pictured). We do 5 because some of the issues we are working on are school related. For every day that the child is successful in the designated area, they get to keep the quarter.  If they have a day in which they do not reach the goal, then they have to take a quarter out of their cup and give it to me.

At the end of the week, the quarters are divided up three ways. The 1st quarter always goes into the offering plate at church…even if they have a bad week and only get one quarter.  Quarter #2 is placed into their long term savings jar (pictured on the right). Any other quarters that remain will be placed in to their short term savings jar.

By doing it this way, the children are learning several things.  They are learning that God comes first in their finances. They are learning to “pay themselves” by putting money in to long term savings. With the short term jars, they are learning to save for something that they want to buy. (This money CANNOT be spent on candy/soda/or anything from the Dollar Store)  As well, they are also achieving the specific behavioral goal that we have set.  As they are successful in one area, we will move on to another area.

So far, the children are very excited about the project.  They have all decided that they want a Nintendo DS and are saving their money with this in mind. With other opportunities to earn/receive money, they should have enough money by the end of the year to make these purchases.  

What are some creative ideas you have come up with to help your children?


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